Our Publication

The Aster Review is a student-centered publication, supported by World Literature Today, that provides a platform for celebrating student expression, connecting artists and audiences, and establishing a dynamic web of student creators. Our home institution and our artistic community is the University of Oklahoma. The ink-and-paper publication we put out into the world every year is a part of our commitment to our immediate community, which informs and shapes our publication constantly. To help widen that community and capture the ongoing life of the arts on campus, we’re also building an online component to the publication called The Aster Online.


The Aster Review isn’t the first attempt at an arts & literary journal that World Literature Today has sponsored. We can trace our legacy as far back as Windmill, a creative publication from the OU English Department back in the ‘90s, as well as the much more recent attempts to start an arts publication called The Norm. In the end, none of these stood the test of time. It wasn’t until August of 2017 that the first volume of The Aster Review finally made it to print, giving OU its first creative publication in years.

In a matter of months, our growing editorial team had secured enough submissions and support to publish an improved and expanded Volume II in April of 2018, giving us our answer to that nagging question, “What’s going to be different this time?” The difference was that, finally, the OU community was ready. New volumes of The Aster Review have been published yearly ever since.

What's World Literature Today?

World Literature Today, or WLT, is an international magazine for contemporary literature based out of the University of Oklahoma. (You can find out all about them at their website.) It’s also our mentor publication; many of our editorial members intern for and take classes from WLT’s editors.

In many ways, the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Just like WLT remains committed to elevating often-unheard voices by publishing literature in translation, The Aster Review strives to promote student artists who are just getting their start.

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